We Got Us!
We Got Us!

Donate to support folks and their family members impacted by imprisonment

Bearing the brunt of the prison-industrial complex can be emotionally as well as financially draining on incarcerated individuals and their families. We think that everyone deserves to feel safe, comfortable, and loved. Let’s show our community members that we’ve got their back!

Help us raise $5K by March 5th to send to people on the inside and their family members.

This fundraiser is a collaboration between the Rose Park Brown Berets and Decarcerate Utah.

The Rose Park Brown Berets autonomous chapter seeks to empower all oppressed peoples in their community. The RPBB centers the youth of the barrio in their praxis and encourages revolutionary consciousness amongst all people of the barrio. They strive to create alternative systems based on people power: self-sustainable programs, mutual aid work, and supporting other grassroots organizations that align with their values. RPBB will protect their community by any means necessary.

Decarcerate Utah is a prison abolitionist collective that seeks to dismantle the prison-industrial complex and end the harm that it perpetuates. Find more on our about page.