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Welcome to the Bail Out Bonanza! This is an unsanctioned singles format single-round disc golf tournament to benefit the Salt Lake Community Bail Fund. We are open to players of all skill levels, including those who have never thrown a disc before! Come and spend a nice Saturday in May throwing frisbees with your friends in the park, and raise money for a great cause!

Players must register through Disc Golf Scene. There will be no registration on the day of.

Masks are mandatory. If a player arrives without a mask, you will be asked to leave, forfeit your spot and registration fee. Your player’s pack will be mailed to your home. You are required to maintain a physical distance of six feet from other players as much as possible. If you are sick, or are exposed to someone who is sick, please do not show up to the event.

Tee-times will be posted 48 hours before the event begins. In order to have this event meet Salt Lake County gathering guidelines, we will have people teeing off from Hole 1 at different times. This is not a choose your own tee time event, but we are happy to accommodate with enough notice. If you have friends registering for the event and would like to play your round with them, please let us know in the notes section of the registration form.

Scoring will be handled through UDisc Live. Please download the free UDisc app from your respective online store before the event. Cards will be automatically loaded into the app. A card is the list of people that will be playing with you at your tee time. Cards are usually four players.

There is a tournament ace pot ($3) that is offered. An ace pot is a sum of money that will be granted to the player(s) that make a hole in one at the event. If the ace is not hit, the sum of the act pot will be considered an additional donation to the Salt Lake Community Bail Fund.

All payouts will be done through Lucky Disc Golf. A payout is a sum of money that can be considered a prize and can be used to purchase disc golf equipment through the Lucky Disc Golf Store. Payouts will be distributed the day after the tournament to the top 25% of each division.

First place in each division will receive a custom trophy designed by Golden Hour Engraving.

Mulligans are available for purchase during this tournament: 1 mulligan = $3 5 mulligans = $10 10 mulligans = $15 The maximum number of mulligans available is 35. A mulligan is essentially a do-over shot. By buying a mulligan your previous shot no longer counts and you can throw a different disc and have that shot count towards your overall score.

Registration includes a player’s pack:

  • Salt Lake Community Bail Fund T-Shirt printed by Local Propagandists
  • Event stamped Discraft disc

CTP Prizes (Updated 4/15) A CTP prize is an award for who lands closest to the disc golf basket on their drive from the tee. CTP prizes are divisional, so everybody has a great chance to win regardless of skill level. You can also purchase a mulligan to try over and over at a prize that you are particularly keen on.

  • Two $25 cash CTPs have been donated by Thad Baldwin
  • Local leather artisan John Coombs has donated a hand-stitched raw leather wallet AND multiple local SLC business have donated gift cards, including:
  • Alibi Bar & Place ($30)
  • Diversion Eatery ($25)
  • Laziz Kitchen ($25)
  • Mark of the Beastro ($30)
  • Mineral and Matter ($25)
  • Proper Brewing Company ($25 and a hat)
  • Wasatch Touring (Voile Straps and $80 off a rental) (x2)

If You Do Not Own Discs

Please email discgolfkati@gmail.com and we will get a pack together for you to use!

How Bail Outs Work

Players will be given a bail out punch card. Each square on the punch card corresponds to one mulligan. It is the duty of the player and the card to hold players accountable for the mulligans that they take. Mulligans have to be taken from the spot of the throw and cannot be claimed once the player addresses their lie. At the end of the round, you will turn in your verified score card and each player will turn in their bail fund punch card indicating the total number of mulligans used during the round. It is at this time that players will be asked to Venmo Kati Chachere (@ladythunderpuss) to make their bail out donation. In order to ensure fairness for all participants, players who fail to honor their bail donation at the end of the round will be disqualified.

Refund policy

Kati Chachere is responsible for all refunds/cancellations. Refund requests made prior to player’s packs being ordered (approximately 4 weeks) will be issued a 100% refund less Disc Golf Scene and PayPal fees. Refund requests made after player’s packs are ordered will be issued a refund less than the cost of the player’s pack and the pack will be shipped directly to the player’s home.